CSR in Trefl Group is the concept of running a company, holding responsibility for its own activities, and being aware of their impact on employees, customers, the local community, and the environment.

A responsible company should be open to the voices of its environment and responsive to its needs.


Engaged in having a sustainable production process, we work with reliable suppliers, using recycled raw materials.

Our products are manufactured in a responsible, ethical manner, with the utmost care for the environment.

Green Side of Trefl

It's a program launched by Trefl's employees, which initially was aimed specifically at environmental education among employees and their families.

The great commitment of the team and the demand for these measures resulted in the project quickly evolving to become an important element of Trefl's Environmental Policy execution.

Recycled Paper and Cardboard

We are FSC® certified, which confirms that the extraction of the raw materials we use in our production does not affect the biological wealth and structure of forests.


Through education in the fields of sports, culture, and art we influence the younger generations.

We believe that the development in these three areas is fundamental in the life of every person.

Education Development Foundation

The Trefl Education Development Foundation runs a youth sports training program and carries out a number of educational projects in the fields of culture and art.

This way, we enable a wide group of children and young people to participate in workshops, sports, and cultural activities. As part of the activities of the specially-created Gdynia Animation Centre, whole families can get to know the secrets of stop-motion animation and spend some quality time together.

Education with Trefliks

A competition-based educational program for fans of the "Treflik Family" series in nurseries, kindergartens, and kids' clubs throughout Poland.

Gdynia Animation Centre

Within the scope of the activities of the purpose-built Gdynia Animation Centre, whole families have a chance to learn the secrets of stop-motion animation and spend quality time together. Workshops, tours of the studio and film set, as well as the opportunity to meet the director and creators of favorite fairy tales, are a real treat that cannot be missed.


good comes back
Cultural Institutions
Children's Homes
Branches of Hospitals


Sports patronage of men's teams in the most family-oriented disciplines - volleyball and basketball.

Sponsorship of professional teams - Trefl Sopot and Trefl Gdańsk, along with a youth training system.


Basketball team

The winner of the Polish Championship titles, Polish Cups, and Polish Super Cups with a professional training background, preparing players for performances in the youth and the national teams.


Trefl Gdańsk

Volleyball team

In 2005, the Trefl Group expanded with a volleyball team - Trefl Gdańsk. The commonly known as the Gdañsk Lions, similarly to Trefl Sopot, apart from sport successes, include in their mission sports training for youths and providing valuable entertainment for the whole family.



The Trefl Pomerania Association carries out pro-social projects, especially for the local community of Pomerania. Through various programs based on sport activities and using the authority of well-known sportsmen, it strives to reach various audiences, from the youngest children to teenagers, instilling in them the love for sports and a healthy lifestyle.


In order to make playtime fun and enjoyable, it is important to take care of safety.


All Trefl products are made of the highest quality materials and meet high standards.

We monitor European reports on toy safety.

All our products are tested so we can guarantee that they do not contain hazardous substances.

We also comply with all general and specific requirements for toys and do our best to label Trefl products as accurately as possible.

We aim to provide parents with information on the potential risks of a product before it is purchased.

All warnings are clear and easily readable.