Our brands


Our founder's vision

We want our toys and productions to bring ideas to spend time together in an interesting way and to support cognition and understanding of the surrounding world, with the entertainment we offer to connect and bring people together by sharing emotions.

From the very beginning, our aim has been to provide valuable and developing entertainment for whole families.

Hence why everything we do is created with the needs of our audience in mind - that is, children, teenagers, and parents.

Trefl Prime

The Trefl Prime series were created for true jigsaw puzzle lovers. The special technology allows you to put together any number of images into one large composition!

In addition, thanks to the use of the thickest paperboard, unique shapes of puzzle pieces and special cutting method, you can easily carry the entire jigsaw puzzle around.

Trefl Wood Craft

The Wood Craft Origin series consists of two groups – 500 + 1 and 1000 pieces. Environmentally friendly materials of the highest quality were used for their production.

Unique, irregular shapes, precise printing, intense colours, the reverse of jigsaw puzzles covered with a decorative pattern – these are the details dedicated to every jigsaw puzzle lover.


Mistakos is a family arcade game that has been the leader in its category for years. Its success lies in its simplicity, as the rules are based on human nature's need to create.

The players have colorful chairs or ladders at their disposal, whose shapes and holes allow them to build spectacular structures. The game is loved and appreciated both by youth and adults. The number of possibilities and variants allows for hours of carefree play.

Mistakos games are available with chairs and ladders.

Both can be combined with each other! The possibility of playing with chairs and ladders at the same time allows you to create impressive structures and diversify the fun.


Boom Boom

Boom Boom is one of the most popular board games invented and produced by Trefl. It appears in nine versions, delighting fans of such world-renown productions as Harry Potter, Frozen, Paw Patrol, and The Treflik Family.

Boom Boom players try to collect sets of the same types of cards. Everyone exchanges cards from their hand with cards on the board at the same time. After collecting a set of cards, the player rings the bell to signal the completion of the task.

The simple rules are challenging, however, as sometimes players hunt for the same cards. The first player to collect the correct number of card sets is the winner!

The game is dynamic, requiring reflexes, cleverness and perceptiveness.

It is always accompanied by a lot of laughter and emotions, which has a great impact on the atmosphere and quality of the time spent during the game.


Babies and the Bear

Babies and the Bear is a one-of-a-kind series for the youngest children. The short, non-dialogue form quickly won the hearts of its viewers, becoming the most popular animated series on the MiniMini+ channel.

The stop-motion animation method, muted colors, clean background, no dialogues, and an exciting world presented in the cartoon make it a valuable option for kids. At the same time, it is appreciated by parents that put an emphasis on the quality of the content their children watch.

The Treflik Family

“There was boredom, and there are miracles now...” says Little Uncle, the main characters' friend, loved by children in Poland and all over the world.

Treflik, Treflinka, and their family help children understand the world around them. A TV series, puzzles, games, books, audiobooks, toys, educational materials - everyone will find something of interest in Treflik's world.

Together with their family and friends, they come across adventures and funny situations, and face challenges together, with each episode entailing an interesting moral.